ChemBioPlants Network

ChemBioPlants Network University of Oxford
  • Gates Foundation Tools and Technologies for Broad-Scale Pest and Disease Surveillance of Crop Plants in Low-Income Countries
    • Deadline 14th Nov 2018.  Link.
  • Agri-tech Catalyst Round 7: Agriculture and Food Systems Innovation
    • Deadline 21st Nov 2018.  Link.
  • RSC-BMCS Symposium: Synthesis in the Agri-Sciences
    • 6th Nov 2018 at Imperial College London.  Link.
  • BBSRC-STFC-NERC-UKRI UK-India Agricultural Data: Enhancement by Integration, Interpretation and Reusability
    • Registration 18th Sept 2018. Deadline early Jan 2019.  Link.
  • BBSRC-NERC Joint Awards for Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment
    • Deadline 13th Dec 2018. Link.
  • BBSRC Strategic Longer and Larger (sLoLa) Grants
    • Registration 22nd June, Outline 12th July 2018, Full 16th Jan 2019. Link.
  • BBSRC Responsive Mode
    • Deadline 16th Jan 2019. Link.
  • BBSRC Industrial Partnership Awards (IPA)
    • Deadline 16th Jan 2019. Link.
    • Deadline 16th Jan 2019. Link.